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4i xuiise or (furojicftn Tanqua^es rf En^iiaii Sutf ^^^3 bra to create. James Grimm in his Deutsche Grammatik, Gottingen, 1822, 8vo. In addition to the passages previously cited relative to the dispersion, Moses adds: '^By these (the sons of Japheth) were the isles of the Gentiles (Europe) divided in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. In America, there are said to b^ 1500 idioms, *'j DOtabilmente diversi." Such wan the opinion of Lopez, a missionary of great knowledge in the languages both of South and North America. A tabular arrangement will best show the extent of the lan- guages of the Japhetic race. The regular interchange of con- sonants, and the laws that influence the vowel system, are also satisfactorily proved and fully treated by Dr. No one who has omitted to examine what these learned and laborious authors have written, ought to reject, and much less ridicule, the systematic and regular change of vowels and consonants. Those who pronounced their words in the same manner, separating from those they could not understand, would naturally unite together, and form distinct tribes. f The languages of the African nations, according to Seetzen, who has made the most extensive and original researches into this subject, amount to 100 or 150. Some name the following :— The Dialed of Ancient Egypt, ^°P*^*^' 19. Beowulf is said to have been nearly contemporary with Hengist;t but the poem contained in the Cotton MS. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

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A singular congmity is said to exist in all the American languages, from the north to the BQOthem extremity of the continent. The Sanscrit * is that ancient tongue which once prevailed throughout all Hindoostan, from the Gulf of Bengal to the Arabian Sea, and from the southern extremity of the country to the Himalaya Mountains on the north. Thus the Anglo-Saxon dynasty terminated, after it had eiisted in England about six hundred years.

^r 4 'o 3--= lll J lifli fill IW if Mi 9 «^ 5^ It i fill ^ l^ n^ " B e " IT'S = *t5''a JAPHETIC LANGUAGES CONNECTED WITH SANSCRIT. Little need be said here of the Asiatic nations proceeding from Japhet : a casual remark^ however, may be admitted upon the language of the Hindoos. The Saxon line was restored in 1042, and continued till 1066, when Harold the Second was slain by William duke of Normandy, commonly called William the Conqueror.

Hence it is used for a wh&Ut so completely possessing all its parts, as in its Knaon, parts, or decomposilion, to be finished or perfect. When the northern Ella penetrated, in 560, southward of the Tees, his kingdom of Deira produced an heptarchy. t Cpoybeare's nhutral Ums of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, p.

^T^T j*^"^ ^ woman ; Celtic * Sanscrit, in derivation add sound, is very similar to ovy Kpi TOi joined iogethett united. The most energetic and renowned of the West-Saxon kings was Alfred the Great He drove the Northmen from his kingdom, and found leisure • Mr. The success of Ida, after 547, having established a sovereignty of Angles in Bernicia, the island beheld an hexarchy.

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It is not contended with the ancient fathers that the Hebrew is the primitive tongue, or with the modem philosophers that it is the Sanscrit/ for it appears, on the evidence of Moses,* and from the conclusion of eminent philologists, that the original language of our first parents no longer exists. Having all its words composed of its own elements, and containing no exotic terms, proves it to be very near its primitive state, t The Sanscrit is, therefore, placed at the commence- ment of the languages here called Japhetic. This pure Anglo- Saxon may be found in the works of Alfred, i Elfric, the Anglo-Saxon Laws, Csedmon, &c. Ethelbert, king of Kent, being converted to the Christian faith by the preaching of Augustine, in a.d. to the early part of the 10th century.}: * Tomer's Hist, of Anglo-Saxwu; b.

The table of numerals, with the preceding short collection of examples, may be sufficient to show that there are many words which are of cognate origin, even in languages often deemed the most dissimilar. It contains the roots of the various European dialects, of the Latin, Greek, Celtic, German, and Sclavonic. It was the powerful mind of Alfred that drew into England the talent and literature of Europe, and induced him to benefit his country by writing so much in his native tongue, the Anglo-Saxon ; thus giving the West-Saxon dialect so great a predominance as to con- stitute it the cultivated language of the Anglo-Saxons.

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Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

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