Accommodating voice and video in campus networks local dating publication

It all depends on the scale of the room or the site.It could be a dedicated mix for the room, using submixes from the main auditorium, or something as simple as taking a stereo pair from a AM2 interface for powered loudspeakers.” One church that has evolved into a power user of Red Net systems is Flatirons Community Church serving the metropolitan Denver area.

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“Red Net comprises a powerful set of interfaces that can connect nearly anything going, and combines that with Red Net Control software to tie everything together into a system-wide solution.” Because Red Net is based on Dante, it offers native compatibility with approximately 1,500 devices from more than 400 manufacturers.

Red Net further extends connectivity through the AES67 operability standard, which is also the audio component of the emerging SMPTE ST2110 video standard.

But in other scenarios, Red Net could again be the key translator, Boynton says.

“We now have [a] Midas console in our smaller auditorium, and here we could use a Dante-to-MADI or Dante-to-AES3 bridge because that board doesn’t speak Dante,” he notes.

“The ideal network configuration all depends on the overall workflow and the requirements at the secondary site,” notes Hoult.

“If you are generating a separate mix for broadcast or streaming, that may suffice for the overflow room, and that could be placed on the network using the appropriate bridge.At the main broadcast campus in Lafayette, Flatirons employs Red Net units for embedding and dis-embedding MADI to and from video, connecting IEM and headphone amps, and bridging into Pro Tools for multichannel recording.Flatirons’ five satellite campuses are each equipped with a Red Net D16R AES interface for connecting to the Living as One streaming solution as well as AM2 headphone amplifiers for the local wired in-ear mixes.“We also have bridges for Dante to AES3, which is a popular format for loudspeaker processors, power amplifiers and powered loudspeakers ...and Red Net allows [churches] to integrate this infrastructure into a Dante-based network, whether in a permanent installation or temporary overflow applications.” More complex scenarios also are accommodated with relative ease using an audio network.“For systems built around MADI – mixing consoles, in particular – we offer a bridge that will take 64 channels of MADI from fiber optic or coaxial cable and bring them onto the Dante network,” continues Hoult.

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