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Let’s imagine you want to have children and get married, soon.

Advice writing dating profiles

If you’re unsure, ask a friend or colleague that you trust to tell you what they think your best traits are.

Don’t be afraid to show off a bit, just be careful not to cross the line into the arrogant arena.

Your profile doesn’t have to read like a stand up comic’s script, but it should hint at the fun, friendly and fabulous person who has written it.

A word of advice though, don’t try too hard to be funny if you’re not a natural joker; it might come across as forced and you could put off the person reading your profile. If your online dating profile is a one liner and you haven’t bothered to make the effort, it’s likely you’ll get a less than impressive response.

The advantage of online dating is that you can update your profile whenever you like, so try out different versions to see which gets the best response, experimenting with aspects such as style, content and humour.

Above all, remember to be your wonderful self and you’ll be dating someone desirable in no time.

Don’t: Be too brief A profile consisting of one sentence along the lines of “Looking to meet someone nice, message me if you want to know more” is just lazy.

If everyone wrote a profile like that, imagine how boring it would be.

Don’t: Tell fibs There’s no use filling your profile with claims of how much you love to cook when in reality your solitary signature dish is spag bol from a jar.

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