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A crossover between Futurama and the Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego series.

Visit Stack Exchange Fry had a convoluted love life, if his relation with Leela wasn't complicated enough, he also managed the outstanding feat of being his own grandfather.

I lost the count somewhere and his Love life section on Wikipedia seems to be incomplete, as his grandmother is missing.

So altogether I would go with at least 7 affairs before finally getting with Leela.

I don't remember his affair with the radiator, but from the image you can see (from right to left) 1) the amazonian's arm 2) the 20th century ex-girlfriend 3) Morgan Proctor (the woman who took Hermes job) 4) someone I don't recognize 5) Smoking woman(was setup with Fry by Bender when his head was attached to Amy's shoulder) 6) radiator Zero. Anyone he would have slept with would have been pre-marital, and therefore not an affair.

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