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Ashburton Astronomy Group member Alistair Perkins was on hand to assist Ian Crumpton and Peter Jenniskens (right in photo) in the installation.

The new station was made possible by a private donation to the SETI Institute from Rob Hawley of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association.

The Mammoth Bike Park is 100% open and has 3 lifts running daily, with Stump Alley Express [Chair 2] and Canyon Express [Chair 16] operating Fri-Mon for extra Labor Day Weekend laps.


Check out the Adventure Center, the place for kids activities and family fun.

We pledge to put patients first in all of our programs – Medicaid, Medicare, and the Health Insurance Exchanges.

2019, April 22 - CAMS Be Ne Lux detected an outburst of 15 Bootids (shower IAU#923) tonight. Confirmation came from the United Arab Emirates Astronomical Network, who detected 4 meteors of this shower during the same 2-hour period.

The shower may be caused by comet C/539 W1.[CBET] 2019, April 18 - Andy Howell of CAMS Florida and Erika Kisvarsanyi of the College of Central Florida (CCF) report that the new 8-camera station (CAMS 5020-5027) is installed on the roof of the science building at the College of Central Florida. Kisvarsanyi writes:"It comes at a time when the college is just getting an introductory astronomy course up and running, so the project has been great to share with my students!

First light results were obtained in the night of June 13/14: 49 meteors, many from the anti-helion source.

2019, May 30 - Lara, Keanu, and Campbell Duncan (left in photo) are hosting CAMS New Zealand's new third station "Ashburton" in nearby Fairton.The new station has increased the yield of CAMS New Zealand four fold, reaching 289 meteors in the clear night of June 5.The installation was front page news in the The Ashburton Courier June 2019 edition. Peter Jenniskens, SETI Institute, Principal Investigator [email]; [Career pages] Peter S.Jack Baggaley, Coordination CAMS New Zealand Mohammad Odeh, Coordination UACN Marcelo di Cicco, Coordination EXOSS Tim Cooper, Coordination CAMS South Africa 2019, August 30 - Siddha Ganju updated the CAMS processing server to Phython 3 to improve the deep learning capabilities.Curtin University (Phil Bland and Hadrien Devillepoix) contributed 8 cameras.

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