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Kamchacha was speaking in Lilongwe during a breakfast event which My Bucks Banking Corporation organized for small medium enterprises (SMEs) .

He advised the guests during the breakfast not to rush in buying poshy cars before the growth of their businesses.

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Chimango Kayira (born 28 September 1993) is a Malawian international footballer who plays for Big Bullets, as a midfielder.

Born in Mangochi, Kayira has played for ESCOM United, Big Bullets and Costa do Sol.

The company according to Zandile is also listed on Malawi Stock Exchange.

Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF) on Saturday announced that this year’s event will be held on October 4 to 6 at Blantyre Cultural Centre (BCC).

As a globally recognised virtual bank, My Bucks is both a disruptive and enabling force in the international financial landscape, breaking down the barriers of traditional banking and pioneering true financial inclusion.

With its brands Get Bucks, Get Sure, New Finance Bank, Fair Go finance, Capfin, Opportunity Bank, the company offers impact loans, unsecured credit, banking solutions as well as insurance products to customers.

My Bucks offers financial services and products such as impact loans, unsecured credit, banking solutions and insurance products via innovative financial technology.

My Bucks was the first African Fin Tech company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

We have already made a call for applications for artists and we call upon artists to go to our website Chibambo said.

Pastor Mphatso Chidothe, who will be leading BAF’s youth pack, said during the 10th anniversary, they are working with youths in six districts.

See also rabbitfish And it must be noted that I say of our reason, and not of our imagination or of our senses: thus, for example, although we very clearly see the sun, we ought not therefore to determine that it is only of the size which our sense of sight presents; and we may very distinctly imagine the head of a lion joined to the body of a goat, without being therefore shut up to the conclusion that a exists; for it is not a dictate of reason that what we thus see or imagine is in reality existent; but it plainly tells us that all our ideas or notions contain in them some truth; for otherwise it could not be that God, who is wholly perfect and veracious, should have placed them in us., who was not a human being, but a goddess, for she had the head of a lion and the tail of a serpent, while her body was that of a goat, and she breathed forth flames of fire; but Bellerophon slew her, for he was guided by signs from heaven.

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