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Worse, there is plenty of evidence that clearly suggests this reputation is truly deserved.

The website partners with a large number of Chinese online dating agencies in China, most or all of which are regularly cheating the western men who, through CHNLove, meet Chinese female customers of the agency.

It’s one of the biggest and most well known Chinese dating sites, especially if you’re focusing on long-term relationships, love and/or marriage with beautiful Chinese women.

Regrettably CHNLove is fast becoming known as a scam site.This makes it just one of the most recent websites for dating Chinese women, but perhaps the first that is owned and operated by somebody who learned their way in the Russian dating scene.Since Russian dating has always been highly suspected […] Everyone interested in dating Chinese women online has surely heard of (also all others the most we could tell you was they would bore you to tears plus the worst of them, we believe, are unquestionably noxious and are out to scam you.But maybe you judge them all differently so look into the reviews and give us your viewpoint.It was new and exciting and was everybody’s favorite. The evolution of Chinese Friend Finder has not been a positive one.

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