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A 10-year-old Wilde found herself at an “SNL” after-party, she recalled on Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” hanging out by the dessert table — her usual haunt back then.

“I was a fat kid,” she explained to host James Corden, her fellow guests, and the CBS studio audience.

But before we hazard a guess as to why he left us, we should celebrate how divinely, rambunctiously, funny Chris Farley was.

Chris was in pain…On the other hand, he was just so goddamn rom his stellar, six-year run in the Big Apple, let’s break down three of Chris’ greatest skits (with apologies for omitting “Schmitts Gay”).

The scenes reveal his commitment to breathing life into a character, his knack for physical comedy, and his endearing personality.• The “Motivational Speaker” was written by the prolific Bob Odenkirk—and though the two have little in common, the character was named after Chris’ dear friend and spiritual guide, Father Matt Foley.

With a magnetic stage presence, kooky body language, and an explosive roar, Chris became a legend.

Viewers felt a constant giddy joy watching a downtrodden failure preach about the woes of “LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

It's a fun, poignant look at one of our best comedians ever, and it offers new insight into Farley's personality, life, relationships, and career.

Here are ten things we learned watching I Am Chris Farley—but don't worry, there's far more to uncover in the film once it comes out.According to his brother Tom Jr., “He lived to make others laugh, and he was fearless about it.”As a boy, Chris had a teacher named Colonel Mc Givern who ended each lecture with a lame joke he coined the Groaner of the Day. He was a pretty good athlete, and as any swooning Wisconsin girl will tell you, he was dazzlingly light on his feet.Sensing an opportunity, Chris managed to sneak past Mc Givern and hide behind a curtain at the front of the classroom. Just like his namesake in , Chris enrolled at Marquette University, where he lived in a filthy house with his beer-chugging rugby buddies.n the 20th anniversary of Chris Farley’s untimely death, it’s worthwhile to recall a formula someone once expressed for living a full day: laugh, cry, and think.Chris Farley used his time on this Earth to deliver great bellyaching laughs of mammoth proportions that will endure forever. The film comes from director Brent Hodge and features interviews with everyone from Adam Sandler to Bo Derek to Lorne Michaels, as well as Farley's family members.

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