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Otherwise, the phone is likely going to be the largest cost.Another way to lower costs is to connect those friends and family that are called the most on one plan.

These plans provide Consumer Cellular customers with texting and data services.

The texting services are unlimited and included with the purchase of any data plan.

It can be added like a second line to any Consumer Cellular account for only $15 per month extra.

Customers simply plug in their existing phone base into the device, no wall jack is needed.

Consumer Cellular has taken that into consideration with its cellular offerings.

Seniors are often drawn to features such as larger button and screens, better lighting, and clearer louder speakers.

For older adults who only want simple calling features and the security a cell phone can provide, a simple flip phone could be all that is needed.

In fact, Consumer Cellular has the Doro 7050 which is designed with the senior in mind.

The costs of having cellular phone service through Consumer Cellular include the price of the phone, the monthly service plan chosen, and any additional accessories purchased.

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