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'The EIS (Educational Institute for Scotland – Teacher's Union) argued for a year's delay in implementation so that teachers could prepare for the changes – a request rebuffed by Mike Russell, the Education Secretary.The overwhelming message from Scotland's secondary teachers is that currently they do not feel confident regarding their school's state of readiness to deliver the senior phase of Cf E , particularly the new National qualifications, on the current timetable.Visit our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter Recent Articles In Praise of Beethoven Arthur C Clarke - A Very Modern Odyssey Tackling Private Landlords Investigating the Value Form The Eternal Dark Heart of Empire If You Build Them, They Will Come Begun under Labour, continued under the SNP,the Curriculum for Excellence Cf E) – spun as a radical and progressive reform – continues to cause massive concern amongst teachers and parents.

Schools are not confident about taking forward their own models when they hear the school up the road is doing something different.

There is no time to evaluate courses already implemented.

This is aimed primarily at reducing the workload implications of schools having to prepare new coursework materials.

There is now apparently an option for some schools to delay the introduction of the new exams for a year if departments or schools feel they are not sufficiently on track.

Another year's delay and some decisive planning seems to be the only way to salvage what is fast becoming a burden rather than the saviour of Scottish education.""...information is coming to us too late for planning.

Teachers do not really understand the curricular frameworks.This is a decision which East Renfrewshire took unilaterally much to the bemusement of the rest of the country 's teachers who had been told that this was not possible.However I believe that the likelihood of individual departments or whole schools putting their heads above the parapet and admitting that they are not coping is very low."Mr Russell needs to take the concerns of teachers seriously.We are in year 2 of Cf E in secondary and I find it hard to see how schools can abandon Cf E in favour of existing courses.There is reassurance from HE and FE as to how they view the new qualifications but that is well-nigh impossible as the drafts are only just out. Also HMIE are suggesting that all of the experiences and outcomes need to be covered and there is little time available in schools to discuss all of this."I think it has always been the case that good teachers will quite naturally reference other disciplines or draw in information from other areas to enliven and inform their own subject. For example, in S1, as part of their course, the pupils design and make a poster for a local Pictish museum – along the way learning about Pictish art and the book of Kells.My main problem with this is that every single school would be doing different things, and not only school to school but year to year as teachers left or enthusiasm waxed and waned.

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