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Our hesitation is and the commitments in the sea, sometimes chance, sometimes tempestuous but always there. Our pursuit is in the members in the sea, sometimes close, sometimes straightforward but always there.

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Now, Dan Bacon continues the mission by teaching men via Youtube and via this website, The Modern The Modern Man method for success with women is about being a genuinely confident man who displays personality traits that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. It's a simple, natural method that has been proven to work by Dan, his team and by the countless Modern Man customers from across the globe.

Dan has talked the talk and walked the walk of this method for over 14 years.

A man can choose one of those women as his girlfriend, but he doesn't have to.

He can enjoy his choice of women for as long as he wants.

When a woman is attracted to you, she then becomes open to kissing you, having sex with you and then potentially beginning a relationship with you.

At The Modern Man, we teach guys how to attract women by explaining how to develop the type of self-confidence, charisma and masculinity that women are looking for in a guy.

These three qualities make a man stand out in a woman’s eyes and he becomes a man they see as a potential boyfriend as a result.

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After enjoying a fun dating life with women that included times where he had 3-4 girlfriends at once who were competing for his attention, Dan eventually settled down with the woman of his dreams, got married and now also teaches men the secrets of how to have a happy, successful relationship with a woman that lasts for life.

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