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The quiet bliss of the relationship grew, blossomed, and faded away to the last petal over a one-year adventure.We lived and relationship’ed together mostly in the shadows of the night; in the times between my graduate schedule (full-time school) and his rotations at the clinic and hospital.

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After our meal, which was mostly silent, I proposed we walk around the neighborhood or go sit in a park and just be with each other one more time.

His reply seemed to say it all, “I’m too tired and have to work tonight.” That was the last time we spoke.

Shell shocked was the best way to describe how it felt when the relationship only lasted under a year.

When he wasn’t working, we both often bitterly joked that he was eating or sleeping.

I looked it up on the internet how much time he is working and the amount of hours that he is in the hospital is ridiculous. I know there is not but I couldn't help thinking this. I know that residency usually last for four years and he has quite a while to go. All I want is to know that I will at least be able to see him every couple of months if possible.

In the back of my mind I have thought "can he really be that busy or is something else going on"? I am trying not to be selfish and trying to be really understanding for him. I am not going into the medical field so I don't know how it feels but I know that my college courses keep me busy enough. I am willing to wait for him and be patient through the next couple of years.We fell into the most intense connection either of us had ever experienced, and within about a month of meeting, we were both talking about what it meant to fall in love.We had careers, interests, and personalities in common, and even the friends/family we met on each side approved. I will have less time to myself and less time to do anything other than reading and school related work. I know that I have more time on my hands right now and that I will be more busy when I go back to school.A pattern emerged of frequently waiting for him to get off work, never knowing when that would be, cold dinners waiting at home, and communication breakdowns increasing.

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