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But we shone through it all at the beginning, confidently intertwining together as two lovebirds.

‘That couple.’ But unfortunately, we didn’t work out in the end.

Our moments in school were filled with constant shouts of his last name by all the players on the football team, where he was nearly kicked off just for kissing me. And one night, as he ignored me for the thousandth time as we finally had a few free moments to talk which happened to land at the same time as one of his important video game matches, it was just too much.

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and I found that the only time that this was so was when I played the role of his girlfriend.

In the long car ride after his parents met me, my boyfriend was left with his father. For a solid fifteen minutes, he screamed about how wrong I was and how what I was doing was ‘sexual’ and I could never change what god and science did. I still remember him crying over facetime, and that was a very dark time.

and from the beginning, the way he danced around the question almost seemed to be a red flag. “I bend when wet.” With a bit of unease, but at the same time so blinded by the love I held for him, I went all in.

And slowly, all those fears about being undatable subsided.

My school's football team had an undefeated season last year and only lost the state championship by a single touchdown.

This year they have lost only 1 game and are a contender for state championship once again.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.You're not automatically guaranteed female attention just becuase you play football (this goes for any sport).We often had the same arguments about attention over and over, and he said hurtful things that I couldn’t forgive.Our interests were so different, with him obsessed with video games and I dancing through phases of writing, photography, journalism, music, future-obsessing, and yoga. But I wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world.Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.

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