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One day, the guy you’re getting to know is telling you that he likes you, and then the next three weeks pass and he hasn’t made any effort to see you.

"He asked if he could 'infiltrate our conversation,' because we looked like we were having fun and 'his friends were really boring'." Trying not to laugh at his creative pickup line, Jesch and her friends -- who are all engaged or in relationships -- attempted to politely decline his advances.

"We tried to let him down easy, saying we weren't talking about anything interesting, but he wouldn't take the hint." That is, until one of the women mentioned her boyfriend.

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"They pay more attention to what is said, not how it's said." Case in point: If a woman is giving "I'm interested" signals -- touching a man on the arm, for example, or maintaining eye contact and smiling while talking -- but then talks about how she's not really interested in dating, the man's going to believe her words, Stafford says, not her actions.

"'Confusing,' might be the word that best sums up single life today," says Trish Mc Dermott, a dating expert and "vice president of love" for, a dating Web site.

If so, here's what it might mean: "She's calling attention to her legs and hoping you like what you see," explains Mc Dermott. "One of the strongest signals a woman can give is a touch on the arm or hand," says Stafford. "It's a signal that she feels safe in your presence and wants a little more of you than every other woman in the room is currently getting," says Mc Dermott. This could mean that she wants to look good for you and is hoping you find her attractive, says Stafford. "I may be betraying my fellow men by admitting this, but we like a challenge." Life Wire provides original and syndicated lifestyle content to Web publishers.

"If she does this, it's time to get her digits." • Look for the lean. Sarah Jio is a Seattle-based writer who has contributed to "Cooking Light," "SELF," "Glamour" and many other publications.

On the other hand, women still expect gentlemanly courtesies such as having the door held open for them." And what do guys think?

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