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Custom corbels can be cut to go along with the mantel as well.

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Last updated: August 14, 2018 Distinguished Boards and Beams maintains an extensive inventory of high quality heritage hand hewn timbers that have been carefully reclaimed from historic structures throughout the United States and Canada.

When given life in new homes, these hand crafted pieces of North American history create a rustic and elegant complement to modern architecture that showcases their unique beauty and character.

If you would like to do the labor yourself, you can place an appointment to select the timber from the yard although the lengths are generally long in this material.

Original Hand Hewn Beams were made generations ago by farmers using just an adze and broad axe.

These amazing beams are over 100 years old and pre-date saws.

Farmers would shape felled trees by hand to make sturdy beams that were pegged together to build barns that lasted centuries.

Mixed hardwood flooring and siding/paneling contains a diverse mixture of species, which commoly include maple, elm, oak, ash, and beech.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, when lumber mills and nails were expensive or unavailable, large wooden structures in America were knit together by the joinery of hand hewn timber frames. Its first home could have been a barn in New Hampshire that was built by early English settlers or one of the first land grant homesteads on the Kentucky frontier.

Live edge barn beams were created by hand hewing two opposing sides of the tree, leaving the round exterior on the two edges.

These were typically used as floor joists or wall logs in barns and cabins.

The original color is a mix of browns and grays and can be washed to a more consistent tan color.

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