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The old German king spends his days chopping logs and musing on what might have been.

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The tallish, fit Krebbs feels awkward; he doesn't know where to put himself next to Himmler, who is short and plump, with a bristly little moustache, and a "disappointing lower face".

Himmler is a bore who speaks in "bureaucratic formulations and circumlocutions".

I decided to be the successful business women, but this had both advantageous and disadvantageous.

On the one hand I was in total control of my own life, I could buy my own things and was completely independent, but on the other hand it was not so good for relationships so it was lonely at times.

He has been here for 25 years; he spends his time reminiscing, angrily, about the past. Every day he goes out into the woods and chops logs. The SS officer in charge of the envoy is 23-year-old Martin Krebbs, an opportunist Nazi who also has a heart.

The last German Kaiser, now an old man, is in exile in a big old house in the Dutch countryside. Might he, the grandson of Queen Victoria, defect to Britain? It's like seeing a waiter bringing a beautifully arranged dish towards you." salute immaculately: "it was so automatic that he was never conscious of the decision to do it".The Kaiser and Krebbs nervously face up to each other. The Kaiser doesn't like Nazis – he calls them "shirted gangsters" – but he is desperate to regain some of his former status.But as the tides of war roll around them, all three find themselves increasingly compromised and gravely at risk.This subtle, tender novel borrows heavily from real history and events, but remains a work of superlative, literary fiction.A fictionalised account of the Kaiser Wilhelm's last years in Nazi-occupied Holland.

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