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As I tugged, pushed, and pulled on them just a bit harder I could hear her breathing getting heavier.I looked up and saw her eyes blink as she was just starting to wake up. She rested a hand on my arm and moaned, "Oh, yes don't stop. I am your mother."Evidently she now knew who was playing with her boobs but, strangely she just laid there as I continued to squeeze her melons of wonder. You are very sexy and I would love to have sex with you anytime."She still had not moved. Breathlessly she responded, "Jim, I, I am your mother.My dad had let himself go and had a pot belly from eating too much and drinking too much beer. She stood 5'6" and weighed 150 pounds with green eyes and long black hair with just light streaks of gray running through it.

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This scared me and I jumped up and again ran to my room.

When I got there I cussed myself out for being such a chicken shit realizing that she had not even awakened.

Before I knew what I was doing I walked closer to get a better look. Besides, if nothing else I had to at least touch that ass even if mom got pissed off at me. I moved my hand quickly to the top of the ass cheek closest to me. Feeling her firm but soft cheek in my hand was more than I could take.

But, just as I was thinking about pulling down the panties she squirmed in her sleep.

Finally, my chance came one night after I heard them fighting.

I even heard her call him a "frigid son of a bitch." Sure enough an hour later there she was in that sexy shortie nightie spread out on the couch.Two massive pillows of soft flesh that filled out everything she wore so much that no man who saw her could avoid getting a hard on.I just stood there watching her sleep wanting to reach out and touch it.Apparently, the very next night she had tried even harder to seduce my dad.When I came into the living room there she was laying there again this time in a flimsy nightie.I glanced down her sexy body and melted at the sight of her boobs which were falling out of the gown.

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