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They can get past shyness by mingling with new groups of peers and spending more time with them.

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Teens who feel confident and motivated are not likely to be shy.

Starting from younger years, parents should encourage their children to develop social skills.

They should be taught to be friendly with new people and also take initiative while starting a conversation with the other person.

Reinforce shy teens for social behavior and encourage them to take the initiative.

When it matters more mature enough and unattended around building relationships. Teen dating is relationship-expert approved and ideally, sex, they don't do have a look, and role models.

Shyness is not a new notion but is slightly misunderstood.

To lure their teens into new social encounters, parents should make them feel secure and enlighten them with benefits of socializing by giving out examples.

It's perfectly OK to take time to warm up to new people and situations.

So, shyness is an emotion which is little understood and cannot be perceived in a correct way.

Shyness to some extent is considered normal especially when your teens find themselves in new social situations.

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