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It’s no coincidence coming across the same faces while swiping through the human deck of cards.

If you want “more choices”, you need to pay to play.

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They delude us into thinking we can flout life’s reality — the truth that some things require hard work and there are no guarantees we’ll find romantic love.”- Jonathan Warner The time and energy we exert into dating apps won’t always give us the ROI we desire most.

After all, it’s delusional to think we can take “the fast line” into finding a quality partner.

You constantly swipe (gamble) in hopes of achieving a match (winning combinations).

That hit of dopamine you receive from the unpredictable nature of achieving your desired outcome ( a match ) is what “keeps you in the game” and coming back for more.“This element of surprise creates a rush of dopamine that then quickly fades and leaves you wanting more.

With the grand illusion of the unlimited amount of potential new matches that are only a swipe away, the grass is greener syndrome is real and unfortunately, it’s making us pickier than ever.“We’re used to swiping on a screen and talking to a new person. This means that our standards for long term commitment become impossibly high.

We have such a high availability of potential partners that we can afford to be picky.

In other words: Dating apps allow us to become the lazy bachelors/bachelorettes of the online world.

With apps that encourage you to swipe your heart out and remind you to check out your categorized “top picks” of the week, how can you expect anything less?

Instead of basing it on chance in the offline world, a lot of us choose the illusion of choice. Recent studies aside, it’s pretty clear that the instant gratification we receive from having the opportunity to match with (what seems like) an endless stream of people makes dating apps a desirable medium of choice.

Add in the selling point of swiping away at your own convenience and the odds “seem” in your favour.

Perhaps that’s why users message back and forth with fewer than 10% of their matches.

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