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The answer I gave him was that it was a good screening process.

Those who want to date me have overcome the cultural brainwashing that says that “fat is bad” and I think that’s a big deal because I don’t want to date someone who will just follow the status quo.

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I also know that this standard is arbitrary since when my mom was in Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps she received marriage proposals for me almost every day, and men promised her everything in the world to try to convince her that I should marry them.

Were I born in another time or place, I would be the standard of beauty.

I don’t think that being thin is the magic bean that grows the marriage beanstalk.

But there are some issues that happen with fat dating that I want to talk about.

It means that I won’t date someone who treats women like a prize, these idiots who say that they “deserve” a hot girl (where “hot” means fitting the cultural stereotype of beauty).

It means that when I find my future partner I’ll have a really good chance of avoiding that thing that happens when someone’s “perfect wedding body” changes as the marriage moves forward.

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When people who look like you are used as the to show what is unattractive and a reason to cheat, it can mess you up around dating, and make you suspicious of someone who wants to date outside the cultural norm.

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