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Now hold on if there are two of you in the mirror and there wasn't before then that's a different story. Ladies take care of yourself and looks will not be an honest reason he dumps you.

This perspective on why men dump women is totally from a man's point of view, an adult not a boy.

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To most that is a pretty good indication the relationship is over.

Many women think that their guy dumped them because they nagged too much. I just Googled "nagging" and it came back with everything between talking to much to talking to loud, a woman who is unappreciated by her man and won't listen to her, to a woman who is hassling her man.

I mean hey, if your playing house and its all-good why would he want a change?

On the other hand if you and your guy have gradually taken steps to making your relationship more serious and you both take the relationship serious, then you could assume a next step when it's right will happen. I guess what I am saying is if he treats you second rate, cheats on you, hangs with you when his friends are busy and you accept it, I guarantee he very well will or could leave you and use commitment pressure as a reason if he hasn't yet.

Yes this can be a valid reason, if you just met your guy a few months ago and your making remarks about forever, yes this can scare a man off in a red hot second.

At the same time if you have been in a committed relationship for quite a while then you know what your man's feelings are towards commitment, to an extent anyway.

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