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" Likening the show to a wedding video, she described as a documentary rather than a reality show and said she was an actor not a reality personality.

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Doherty later described Shannen Says as a one-off" created to capture the "time in a couple’s life where they get married and how stressful it can be" and denied interest in a second season.

She rejected a suggestion for a second-season storyline about a pregnancy and child.

Shannen Says received additional publicity when Spelling jokingly offered to plan Doherty's wedding during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada: "I'll do the wedding, I could probably comment on the wedding she'd want 20 years ago, but that wouldn't make any sense." Doherty and Iswarienko purchased a RED camera to film the series since they wanted it to be "a cut above the rest as far as [the] crew and how it looks".

Doherty wanted to filming techniques to allow for a more-authentic look into her life: "It had to be honest, it had to be truthful, and it had to look fantastic".

Her mother Rosa also received positive attention from fans on Twitter.

She referred to Shannen Says as her agreement with Iswarienko to "chronicle this time in our lives and let future brides and future grooms know that [it's] not just you and that goes through the stress".

On the other hand, Kevin Mc Donough of South Coast criticized the show for attempting "to compensate for the lack of drama in Doherty's life with the manic production of a reality TV-sized wedding".

In an article for The Washington Post, Emily Yahr, Caitlin Moore and Emily Chow cited Shannen Says, along with Hey Paula and Kirstie Alley's Big Life, as unsuccessful examples of an "autobiographical" reality show. While reviewing the premiere, a contributor to The Huffington Post wrote that Doherty was "every bit the bad girl fans have been loving to hate to love for the past twenty-odd years" and a good fit for reality television.

MTV News' Maisy Fernandez preferred Shannen Says to Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, a reality show starring Doherty's former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Jennie Garth.

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