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"It was a huge shock to see their little girl coming out of a party with hellraiser Johnny on her arm."He's 10 years older than her and he's admitted to being a drug addict in the past."They're also concerned because his last girlfriend, Kirsten Dunst, ended up in rehab after splitting from him."Just yesterday Emma wrote on her blog: "I only met him [Johnny] and that was all.Borrell has a history of drink and drug abuse, and once said he was a "smackhead at 16".

She was seen as being very shy at first, but as the party progressed she let her loving side emerge. The duo was seen leaving the club separately around midnight, but were again spotted later entering her hotel and spending the night together.

The two were seen snogging and holding hands at the bash, which was held in trendy London club Carbon, with him getting a cheeky grope of her bum and thigh whenever the chance arose.

She has had a long and very serious with Tom Ducker, a rugby player (pictured above during a holiday in Spain).

 In fact, Emma and Burrell were separated soon after, with him heading to another party, go back home with another girl.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson's well-to-do folks have banned her from spending time with Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell.

Chris and Jacqueline Watson "went mad" when they saw photos of their 17-year-old daughter partying with the former heroin addict during London Fashion Week last week.

‘Emma kept looking over her shoulder nervously as if she didn’t wanted to be recognised.

When people started to notice the couple and began pointing, she wrapped her scarf around her head so only her eyes were peeping out.

Last week, Emma, 17, was snapped on an evening out with Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell, 27.

Daniel, 18, split with girlfiend Laura O’Toole, 22, earlier this year.

Emma, has previously dated rising rugby star Tom Ducker, 16.

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