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If I were to go back only to a Baltic country, then that choice would be Estonia.Certainly, in recent years, girls have become increasingly reluctant to communicate, as the number of sex tourists from Finland and Britain has increased.According to Eurostat, Estonian women's employment has remained above the EU average over the last decade.

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Below, it is these names (in decreasing order of popularity) that the Estonian Ministry of the Interior cites in the most common list.

Estonian women, with a high degree of probability, will bear the first names of Tiina, Sire, Anne, Anne, Catherine, Tiyu, Hull, Ene, Maya, Aino or Piret.

However, over a ten-year period, this time has been reduced by 39 minutes for women, mainly due to household appliances: now it takes less time to prepare food, wash and iron clothes.

Statistics indicate that an average Estonian resident has five and a half hours of free time per day. The free time is spent with pleasure on the computer with internet.

An intelligent Estonian woman is in no hurry to give birth.

There are more female students in our country than male students: about 60% of university students are women.

Lithuania has many beautiful women (I would give them a slight advantage over Estonian girls), but it is quite difficult to know them.

You can only be lucky if you stay in a certain place for a long time and have enough time to get to know the local population.

First place: Estonia Estonian girls have a thorough knowledge of English, while Lithuanian girls are much weaker in foreign languages.

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