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During 1908 - 1910 Dunhill bought pipes from Charatan paying exorbitant prices to ensure he had some of the very best pipes for sale in England.

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The Charatan factory was known for inconsistencies, especially in stampings.

Therefore, although an L on the pipe definitely defines it as a Lane Era pipe, the lack of it could simply mean the pipe missed receiving the stamp from the factory.

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Charatan after Charatan - the more recent history In 1988 Dunhill sold the rights to the Charatan name, trademark and shape chart - there was hardly more left over to sell - to James B. To say the least, these Colin Fromm made Dunhill Charatans show impeccable craftsmanship and feature great smoking characteristics at very reasonable prices.

Charatan records indicate the DC (Double Comfort) bit was introduced in the 50’s, but some report seeing them in earlier production.

After 1950 Herman Lane's influence began, and the grades started to expand. Russell went out of business in 2002 Dunhill re-purchased Charatan and called on Colin Fromm of Invicta Briars and Castleford fame to produce Charatan freehands now.

In 1955 Lane took over sole distributorship of Charatan in the US. Most of his other introductions were from the 60's and early 70's. Russell had made his Charatan pipes in Saint-Claude, France. Now, Saint-Claude made pipes are surely not bad per axiom, but these Charatans were woefully poor counterfeits of the "real" ones and quite a flop in sale. Since Colin Fromm and his foreman Colin Leeson, both belonging to the small number of English pipe artisans skilled in making high-end freehand shapes, had already been making exquisite freehands for Dunhill for a couple of years in Chatham, Kent.

The Prescot Street factory was closed in March 1982. Bought in London in the 1960,s and travelled everywhere with me in my motorcycle leathers! Charatan experts and enthusiasts indicate that this article contains miss-information as to the dating of Charatan pipes. --sethile (talk) , 21 November 2013 (UTC) I need to point out that there seems to be some confusion around my father's position at Charatans and mine.

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