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These services slowly seep into contemporary life, often without us even noticing what’s happening.

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One forum commenter says the front-facing camera snapped a photo of him at work, where he has never taken a photo nor used Face Time.

One i Phone security researcher tells Wired, "I guess the moral of the story is don’t let your i Phone see you naked.” Apple hasn't yet commented on the alleged glitch.

Face Time Audio does sound better than a traditional phone call, because it’s sampled at twice the rate, making higher-frequency voices and sounds more audible.

That’s an improvement, but many people would prefer more certain privacy over being able to hear the sighs of the person on the other end of the telephone.

As 9to5Mac showed, following a few simple steps to add the ringing call to a group chat is sufficient.

Apple has taken the group-calling service offline until a software update can be provided.

After the Pennsylvania spycam incident, in which school-loaned laptops were secretly snapping photos of high school students, many paranoid techies said they would keep duct tape covering the camera in their laptop when not using it.

Sounds like they may want to cut little pieces of duct tape for their phones too.

And all the other, justified worries about Big Tech only worsen that condition.

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