Formview itemupdating

In this section, you learn how to use the Details View control when working with database records.

In particular, you learn how to display, page, edit, insert, and delete database records with the Details View.

Solution: make change below to page_load method and add code below to the _Mode Changing method.

formview itemupdating-79

Formview itemupdating

When you take advantage of AJAX, only the Details View control and not the entire page is updated when you navigate to a new page of records.

Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) enables you to retrieve content from a web server without reloading the page.

The Details View control always renders each field in a separate HTML table row.

The Form View control, on the other hand, uses a template that enables you to completely customize the user interface rendered by the control.

I have Form View1 with txtbx Edit Template Pop Count Text Box on it.

txtbx Edit Template Pop Count is the name of the textbox on the Edit template -- the same corresponding textbox on the Item & Insert templates has another name.

The Details View and Form View controls, the subject of this chapter, enable you to work with a single data item at a time.

Both controls enable you to display, edit, insert, and delete data items such as database records.

The Details View supports both declarative and programmatic databinding.

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