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I think of it as a big responsibility."And it's one that the director is happy to have."My interests lie there, and in telling these stories," she said.On The L Word, Alice Pieszecki made a chart to show which LGBTQ women in her community has dated whom."She does a phenomenal job."Emanuel's cast is rounded out by Jessica Biel ("She's gonna be a revelation to audiences who will be able to see her in a new light"), Alfred Molina, and Frances O'Connor."I take the casting process really seriously," Gregorini said. Gregorini has an impressive history of casting future A-listers in her films ("I have good taste," she joked); Tanner Hall also gave Brie Larson, now an awards contender for Short Term 12, one of her first major supporting roles.

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She has some tips that she follows in regard to keeping herself physically fit: She cooks her own food which mainly consists of vegetables and proteins.

When people talk about director Francesca Gregorini, it's usually not about her.

And Emanuel, an indie thriller starring Skins' Kaya Scodelario as a motherless teenage girl and an out-of-character Jessica Biel as the strange new mom next door, takes on a topic even less frequently seen in film: mother-daughter relationships."I think that for everyone, male or female, your relationship with your mother is sort of where it all starts," Gregorini said. that sort of connection with a woman who’s older and that you look up to and that you’re drawn to — it has an imbalance of power, it has intrigue, it has mystery.

These relationships are complicated, and they're layered."For Gregorini, focusing on the connection between mothers and daughters not only made sense — "for me, in particular, it had some elements of abandonment along the way, and that’s sort of something I continue to struggle with in my life" — but a relatable way of delving into deeper issues."I like talking about things without hitting them over the head," Gregorini said.

The guy is doing his thing, and that’s all fine and good, but we need to tell our stories, too."With both Tanner Hall and The Truth About Emanuel, Gregorini is helping to get those stories told.

The former, a 2009 drama starring a then-unknown Rooney Mara as a boarding school senior, focused on the complexity of female friendship.

The film is part-drama, part-thriller, and part-CGI, a compelling, original mix of realism and fantasy."What I think resonates is the emotional truth of things," Gregorini said.

"As long as you have that, you have the license to go into the absurd and go into fantasy and other things, and it still holds water."Emanuel premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, where it received a nomination for the prestigious Grand Jury Prize, an honor especially gratifying when considering the years it took just to get Gregorini's film made at all."A lot of times people make movies and they never get released, and you just can't imagine going through that much work and nothing happening," she said. I just remember literally, like, crying, going, 'oh my god, thank god.'"The journey to make The Truth About Emanuel began nearly half a decade ago, when Gregorini first wrote a second film for Rooney Mara, who had become a close friend after Tanner Hall.

Her appearance in Pineapple Express and Never back down, both in 2008.

Amber Heard’s Family: Father – David Heard(contractor) Mother – Paige Parsons(internet researcher) Siblings – Whitney heard (younger sister) Amber Heard Dated: Amber Heard’s Personal Trainer: She believes that anyone can get the body that they want as long as they are willing to work for it. She reads the label on food packages before consuming them..

She has worked on several television commercials such as Pacific heat and Electric and Saturn car.

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