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But in general, you will disappoint him if you try to pay for yourself. They don’t expect you to open a door for her or offer your place on a bus because they like the idea they are as humans as men. They will definitely tell you if they dislike the date if you ask. Behave as if you are with a girl from any other country. Due to the fact, German women are very intelligent, you should create a challenge for them. By doing that, she shows that she treats you seriously and want to proceed in your relationships. German brides are like a treasure: you are very lucky if you have one. If you enjoyed your first date with her, were introduced to her family, begin to create a plan of how to marry her, putting a ring on her finger.

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German women defy the stereotypes about female behavior in love, sex and relationships.

These Western European ladies, like most sexy women, are confident in their look and professional achievements.

Don’t expect them to ask about your ex, go through your texts or anything that seems possessive, and don’t you even think about doing such things yourself.

As mentioned before, the slightest hint of drama will make a German girl run away.

Some men can feel like German women don’t care, but those are their insecurities speaking.3) .

If one of them agrees to go out with you, do not order for her because she’ll think you don’t want her to make her own decisions.

If a German girl has decided that she likes you, you will know it.

Her body language and demeanor will showcase that she’s into you.

German ladies are the staple of feminism and are very aware their worth, so if they decide to give you the benefit of their time, you better treasure it and don’t make them wait.

Punctuality is key.5) , history, and other important subjects.

Another word of advice is to give her a few options to choose places for a date.

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