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This change made Wix much more social-friendly with more tools for sharing your content; full accessibility on all devices – desktops, tablets & smartphones; Add beautiful backgrounds with the new Full-Screen mode; Enhance SEO by optimizing each page individually; Edit layouts with ease by simultaneously working on several items; Apply changes to fonts and colors on the entire site and save loads of time And there’s so much more that changed since your last piece. Your website will not rank well, which makes it harder for people to find. Wix closely follows the guidelines set out by search engines (including Google and Bing) to ensure that your site content is properly recognized, crawled and indexed.Even more important though, Google is not a fan of Wix. This will affect how much traffic you can potentially get because your site will not be search engine optimized. Also, you can’t verify Wix sites in Google Webmaster, which matters considerably. In terms of being indexed by search engines, the content of the site itself is the most important factor.

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They look like Web 2.0 circa 2004 and in a world where innovation and staying on top of what’s happening matters, this is a mistake. But i really think that design is the last problem with Wix platform, and that every person can find a template that he loves from the rich variety we suggest (above 500 templates) I can agree that in some cases, the freedom of design can cause some bad decisions, But that’s the drag and drop editor character and his simplicity is our biggest advantage.

Of course that Wix and Wordpress are different, but that’s because in many cases we’re addressing different audiences that are less tech-savvy (i read your previous posts about that manner and I’m sure we got our differences, but you must understand why some people are threatened with any kind of programming).

Using progressive images, i.e., images that initially display in lower quality and are rendered progressively as your site loads; 3.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is an interconnected system of cache servers in different locations, allowing your site content to be loaded from the closest server.

Wix offers many features (images, animations, external applications, videos, slideshows, etc.) and encourages her users to use them to create a top-notch site.

However, they should be use correctly and in moderation.

In fact, the only good thing about Wix websites are that they are so easy that even the most technologically-challenged person can have a site up and running within an hour. EDIT (September 15, 2015): The reps at Wix contacted me to vehemently disagree with my post and say I have outdated information.

In the spirit of fairness and accuracy, I asked them to write a rebuttal and I am including that below in red font. A lot of Wix websites are built on Flash technology (they’re trying to push HTML5 now so they do have that capability now), which is the enemy of web prosperity.

Meanwhile, Wix sites are starting at .08 a month and that’s the most basic plan. We’re offering number of premium plans that enables our users to get more storage and bandwidth, remove the Wix ads, and the connect their Wix site to their own domain name.

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