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So that definitely happened and it took a few months for people to actually wrap their heads around it. AC: I once read your favorite artists are Madonna and David Bowie.

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In May 2013, unbeknownst to the general public, Potter married Nocturnal drummer Burr in the Caribbean.

Then in 2015, Potter released a solo album, Midnight, featuring contributions from her band mates and production from Eric Valentine.

Potter and the band also started the Grand Point North Festival, a Vermont-based musical event that featured local acts. Potter and the Nocturnals would be invited by Chesney to perform as the opening act on the massive Brothers of the Sun tour, which found them playing to traditional country audiences in stadium settings.

And in June, the group was featured in its own VH1 Storytellers program.

"Some fans defended it and some were really upset about it," Potter said in an interview with Men's Health regarding the album's sexual overtones, which she sees as full of wit and humor.

"And I really want that discussion to continue, because I think it's fascinating that with a woman, that's something that everyone notices.

Even the context of putting out a solo record, I thought, “Look, I’ve been doing solo stuff forever, with Kenny Chesney or Flaming Lips or Love for Levon or whoever as special guest vocals onstage or in a song,” but this is really me as a person and I’m not just accompanying somebody else. At first, I had this feeling that it wasn’t going to be that big of a transition. But things began to prove otherwise really quickly.

That’s why it was actually pretty easy by the time the record was coming out.

GP: Yes, yes, and that’s important to me as a person too. Fashion was always very important to me and still is because I was born legally blind. So when I learned that accessories were always going to be a part of my life, they just became a part of my character.

When I was a little girl, one day I’d dress as a man and another I’d dress up as a ballerina. I’ve always had this feeling that I have nine lives to live in this one life kind of thing, and I wound up in one of those lives way longer than I thought I would.

She took part in the college-residency program Governors Institute for the Arts before attending St. While in college, Potter met drummer Matt Burr at an open-mic performance and the two started to see each other romantically.

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