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He's pushing his elbow into Siwon's side, to no avail. ”Hankyung understands the words but the meaning makes too little sense in context. Eventually, in the middle of some inane game-show on television and a bottle of wine, Siwon starts to talk about it.

All he can think about is another hotel room six months ago, Heechul singing can't read my, can't read my, po po po poker face at Siwon and Siwon trying to ignore it. Heechul is on the floor between his feet, head tilted back against his knee. Just talk.”“It isn't a petty thing, is what I'm saying,” Siwon continues, his voice level. I didn't think he was capable of doing this, so now I'm having to understand that.

She requested a fic surrounding this infamous incident. I really hope that you enjoy this and thanks so much again for bidding! It pains him to draw them both back to this, away from the soothing bickering, but. You know that I wouldn't do this if I had any other option.”“There's always another option,” Siwon says. Stop being so narcissistic.”Hankyung is exorbitantly grateful in this moment for Heechul being in this room, in his bed, in his life.“What about you,” Hankyung says, words so soft the running water almost drowns them out.“I don't have a conscience,” Heechul says, airily.“Heechul,” Hankyung says.“I'm the opposite of Siwon,” Heechul says. I'll be fine for a bit and then I'll start crying all the time.

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His memory has a habit of showering treats on him this way, usually at unfair and inappropriate moments.“I,” he says. Siwon has stopped stroking his hair, which is why he knows it's coming – the inevitable discussion. “Although I don't mean to say that I want him to, either, please-”“Siwon,” Heechul says. I'm reorganising this image I have in my head.”“Okay,” Heechul says.“I'm angry with him, for letting us down,” Siwon says. For causing this problem within the group, for upsetting the fans. And I don't think that's acceptable, no matter how bad it is.”Heechul doesn't say anything.

“I don't-”“Are you leaving for good,” Siwon says, eventually, in Mandarin. ”“Oh,” Hankyung says, switching with gratitude to his native language. “I'm leaving for good,” he finishes, not even trying to take the edge off. The seconds click by and Siwon slowly starts running his fingertips over Heechul's scalp again. “That's all very adult and you should probably tell him, so that you can have some kind of adult discussion, rather than just ignoring it. But he could've done anything, tried everything-”“I think he has,” Heechul says.

Donghae, said he promised his father (who passed away) that he wouldn't drink any alcohol. Members: - Leeteuk - Heechul - Sungmin - Donghae - Eunhyuk - Siwon - Yesung - Ryeowook - Kibum - Shindong - Kangin - Kyuhyun Former Member/s: - Hangeng Extra Members|Super Junior M: - Henry - Zhou Mi Leeteuk - Park Jungsoo Heechul - Kim Heechul Hankyung - Hangeng Yesung - Kim Jongwoon Kangin - Kim Youngwoon Shindong - Shin Donghee Sungmin - Lee Sungmin Eunhyuk - Lee Hyukjae Zhou Mi Donghae - Lee Donghae Siwon - Choi Siwon Ryeowook - Kim Ryeowook Kibum - Kim Kibum Kyuhyun - Cho Kyuhyun Henry - Henry Lau Donghae fell into the water after injuring his knee. 슈퍼주니어 - Super Junior 이특 - Leeteuk 희철 - Heechul 예성 - Yesung 강인 - Kang-in 신동 - Shindong 성민 - Sungmin 은혁 - Eunhyuk 동해 - Donghae 시원 - Siwon 려욱 - Ryeowook 기범 - Kibum 규현 - Kyuhyun 한경 - Hangeng (If you want to know) Siwon is the most handsome member because he is the face of Super Junior.

Eunhyuk made a promise with a friend from JYJ, Junsu, when they were children.

There are more important things than the band.”“This is a job,” Siwon says. It's not that simple, is it.”“This isn't about that,” Siwon says. He's hoping that Siwon will take the bait.“Love does not mean never having to say you're sorry,” Siwon says.

“I made some personal choices that I have to square with in my own head, but they don't affect the band. Kyuhyun said – he's biting the hand that feeds him. His voice is stern to the point of being funny and it makes Heechul want to laugh.“Ding ding,” Heechul says. You will learn, young one.”Siwon finishes his glass, his jaw tight despite the swallow. It's not masculine and confrontational, a little physical.

You leaving the band can't be worse on his conscience than being in a gay three-way.

“He compromised on heterosexuality even though God thinks it's bullshit.

It's only Siwon who remains mute, unable to vocalise his mental terrain. As he follows Heechul and Siwon inside, he wonders why none of his bandmates think it's weird that they share the room.

As he packs, Heechul delivers Siwon a succession of fierce looks and Hankyung supposes that they've had sex. Something in his stomach hurts at the thought of it. “I'm sorry,” he says, as he finishes folding his clothing. A t-shirt with a handprint on it from Siwon pushing him down onto the bed.

Heechul is the one he's most afraid to tell, because Heechul takes losses so badly. He has that face that reminds Hankyung of a fly trying to unstick itself from paper. “I don't think SM are going to let me continue, not with the scandal it'll cause.”Siwon is staring at the ceiling, which is worse than what Heechul is doing, trying to wrap his mind around it. Siwon watches the morning news without speaking to either of them. He doesn't speak to Siwon unless he has to, allowing him to continue through their daily routine as best as he knows how.

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