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Verbal insults usually go hand in hand with a pegging humiliation as well.You will end up feeling like a total faggot as she fucks you in the ass.As she strokes and wanks it, she’ll make you tell her how it’s what a real cock looks like. Of how much more superior it is to your on thin noodle Perhaps you need to read 10 reasons why you know you are a faggot8 – Make you take a strap-on To enforce your status in her life she will think nothing of bending you over and forcing a big thick strapon cock right up your ass and fucking you with it.

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As she rubs her breasts and slips a hand between her legs, you will be made to hear her talk about how she would suck his cock, fondle his balls and of how wet she is getting.

You can only imagine the conversation from him as she giggles and gasps as he talks to her and it turns her on.

So you will become her cuckold and accept the fact she fucks other men with big cocks and you and your puny little stub will just have to accept it.

For many Mistresses, the power they get from tormenting their slaves by being a cuckold rim is a huge turn on and they love hearing the pitiful voice and forlorn look in your eyes whenever she makes a point of letting you know what she gets up to with big dick studs.

She can either make a big point of rubbing it in your face or she can just be a matter of fact about it but either way, the result will be the same.2 – Force you to watch her with another man The ultimate cuckold humiliation.

Being made to watch her suck another man’s cock and having him fuck her.

He will get to run his hands over panties, run them up to her silk covered legs and grope her boobs under her bra, all of which YOU forked out for.

She might have you go shopping with her to pick out outfits and get you to pay, or maybe she will just charge your card and text you about it later.

The only time she touches your cock is to torture it with CBT, certainly not to give you any pleasure.

Sometimes though, just being a cuckold is not enough for a Dominatrix. Make sure 100% he knows what she does with other men, with real men, while her insignificant runt of a slave gets nothing.

Every Mistress is all too aware that their slaves idolise them and worship the ground they walk on and that they secretly long for her to care for them and have sex with them but that will NEVER happen.

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