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There are quite serious punishments for fraud in Ukraine.

For instance, if the fraud had been conducted by an organized group of people (as in the case with the PPL dating scam), perpetrators could face up to 12 years in jail, according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, article 190, part 4.

Fraudsters may also show the apartment for rent but the price they quoted is listed in the contract as “informational services”, which means they tell you that you are renting this flat but in the contract it states you are paying for the services of a broker who only needs to find you a place to lease.

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Detectives state that up to 100 people apply to the police daily complaining about money lost to scammers.

And this is only in one region, similar picture in other areas, and even more scams in the capital. The population of Dnipro region is listed at 3.2 million people.

Then scammers demanded a payment in the size of 1.5 to 5% of the price of the car, explaining that the money were necessary to cover some “taxes” or “fees”.

Trusting Ukrainians transferred money and never got any cars as “prizes”.

Around 36 thousand people come to police yearly complaining of scams (100 people a day).

It’s around 1 case of fraud for 88 people in a year.

The criminals leave a note on the car with a phone number.

When the victim calls, he is instructed to pay money (US-100) to a card.

Once the thieves receive the payment, they send information on where the plates are hidden.

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