Intimidating black actors

The actor who portrayed Vito, Lino Ventura, was an Italian actor who has played a few Mafia roles.

His popularity wasn’t great and while he did fairly well, he wasn’t known or thought of as a macho man.

Another subversion can be to have the character only act this way in certain specific situations—a man might be a loving father and an otherwise affable and easygoing person..immediately turns into an enraged Papa Wolf whenever his loved ones are threatened.

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Despite some of the Unfortunate Implications associated with this Trope, some of these characters become popular because of how badass they are.

The obvious subversion is to make this character not nearly as scary personality-wise as their imposing first appearances might otherwise suggest.

The real Vito Genovese was a force to be reckoned with.

only depicts a small part of how tough Genovese actually was.

Even his enemies didn’t want to confront him head-on because they knew of the repercussions.

Anastasia was as brutal as it gets and was known as the “High Executioner”, and also well known for running the contract-killing gang called Murder, Inc.You also need a set of great actors; here are some great tough-guy mobsters and the actors that portrayed them on the big screen.Let’s see if we can compare the toughness of the real life mobster to that of the character portrayed by the actor, and the actor himself.In many series, there will be a character who is much larger and more intimidating than most everyone else, very strong, often quite quiet, and very often this character will be black.Sometimes they can be the Token Minority, sometimes they're a Proud Warrior Race Guy, and sometimes they're a Gentle Giant. Authors will often claim this is not actually done in a racist way (not intentionally, anyway), as most anybody who is so much larger than the other characters will usually be equally scary (unless they're also outgoing or jolly).Amongst other reasons, when much of the creating population and the consuming population is not of African descent, then the Black Guy becomes Other, and as such, easier to position as an imposing, scary force. Often Crosses over with Gentle Giant, Genius Bruiser, Proud Warrior Race Guy, and Token Minority, as noted both above and in the examples below. Note that the character doesn't necessarily have to be of African descent, just large, imposing, brown/dark-skinned, and have a tendency to make people wet themselves with a single glare.

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