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Introverts are seen as quiet, reserved, and often rude and reclusive.However, the introvert definition doesn’t include being anti-social.

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As a celebrity, I'm sure it's even more difficult to maintain a closeness with the people you work with--you're always moving onto something else.

Try to eliminate other common excuses by making sure it’s somewhere close to your house and not too expensive.

What they need is spending alone time to regain their energies.

Everyone possesses dopamine and acetylcholine in their brains.

This season's cast includes "The Brady Bunch's" Maureen Mc Cormick, Dustin Diamond from "Saved By The Bell," pop star Tiffany, country music artist Cledus T.

Judd, rapper Da Brat, Ross "The Intern" Mathews from "The Tonight Show," "American Idol" contestant Kimberley Locke and rapper Warren G.

Former “American Idol” Season 2 contestant Kimberley Locke and runner-up Clay Aiken may have been close friends, even roommates at one time, but now their friendship is on the skids according to Kimberley.“Clay and I aren’t really friends anymore,” Kimberley told Access’s Laura “Dish Of Salt” Saltman Tuesday at a rehearsal for the 2008 “American Idol Holiday Tour.”“We lived together, but some things transpired and, you know, we’re just — I don’t really talk to Clay anymore,” she continued. Roommates, boyfriends, girlfriends.”Though she’s had problems living with people in the past, Kimberley said her boyfriend, “Celebrity Fit Club” fitness coach Harvey Walden, who she met while on the VH1 series, is a much better match than her former roomies.“We’re very respectful of one another’s space,” Kimberley said of Harvey.

Both Kimberley and Harvey are busy with their own projects, including a music and fitness cruise venture together, and the former “Idol” contestant said their busy schedules help their relationship.“The beauty about dating in this world is that there’s a built in vacation from each other,” she told Laura.

The program features Walden as well as nutritional & diet expert, Dr.

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