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The exceptions are primarily in the area of substance abuse or the mixture of certain kinds of substance abuse and mental illness.I am far more worried about people who are looking for money for their next fix, or drunk drivers on the road, than I am about any category of mentally ill people.As I went into that, I certainly had no conscious, preconceived notion [of whether] he could or couldn’t distinguish right from wrong, to appreciate the consequences.

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James holmes dating profile

Holmes, 24 at the time of the shooting, was ultimately sentenced to 12 life sentences and 3,318 additional years in prison for the mass murder. Reid is the only person who was allowed to conduct recorded interviews with Holmes during his trial.

When you were approached to work with James Holmes, how much did you know about the case?

Good and ethical forensic professionals, psychiatrists and psychologists, are not advocates for either side.

We try hard to see what the truth is, what the real facts are.

It was a little surprising that he was very forthcoming about pretty much everything I asked about.

I did not get the impression that he was hiding things when he talked with me.If someone has indicated some level of danger, then it’s [senseless] not to do something about that. In Holmes’s case, no one except a couple of friends and his psychiatrists and social worker heard anything about [him wanting to] hurt anybody.People say things [about being violent] all the time, whether they’re mentally ill or not.They were interested in a psychiatric consultation [of Holmes] for the judge. I would not want to say it’s up my alley and it’s what I do all the time. Most people like me work, to some extent, with cases involving violent criminality—whether or not there’s a psychiatric aspect to them. Did you go into the situation with any preconceived notions about Holmes?I really think I was pretty darned open-minded as I went in.It is not extremely important in preventing situations such as the Holmes shooting.

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