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When we separated, we looked in each other’s eyes and both leaned in for a much more passionate kiss.She held my face in her hands as our tongues twisted round each other’s. When my head was on the sofa’s arm rest, she kissed my neck and gently cupped my breasts and felt my nipples through my shirt.I knew what was on her mind and I wanted the same thing, so I leaned towards her and closed my eyes.

”I looked down and saw my very obvious nipple stand and blushed.“I must admit, I am a little turned on and I haven’t had sex for a long time now.”“Do you masturbate when you get horny?

”Blushing a little I replied“Of course, I even got myself a dido”I couldn’t believe I just told her that.“There are more creative and fun ways of getting off you know”“Creative? ”This Animal sex story was exclusively written for smiled and said she wanted to show me something.

I found an online ad from a man that was moving to a new city and was looking for a new home for his three year old, well behaved Rottweiler. I took a few days off work (which is quite stressful for a dedicated business person) to bond with my new pet which I named Zeus as he was quite an impressive animal.

I found out very quickly that Zeus was very affectionate and playful but had absolutely no training.

Zeus and I were not in Emma’s training sessions as we were only doing the basics but I often saw Emma watching us from the side of the training field.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for Saturday, Zeus and I were a bit early so we had to wait for about twenty minutes. At first the conversation was about dogs and their training but then she started finding out more about Zeus and I.

She said that we don’t have to do any work or anything as there is a ranch hand and other people for that, we can go to just stay out in the country and fresh air for a relaxing break from the vibe of the city.

I agreed but asked if I could bring Zeus, she said“I wouldn’t have it any other way”That Friday afternoon, she picked Zeus and I up in her pickup, her highly trained dog Thunder (Golden Labrador) was also in the truck, and off we went to the ranch.

Just like any other women I also wanted to feel the safety of having company at night.

This lead to the decision to buy a dog as a companion and guard, but the dog would have to already be house-trained and not a tiny puppy.

So we enrolled in a K9 training school on Saturdays which was also great for bonding.

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