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Users can search for a meeting by clicking on event links and typing in their zip code.

For those who want something more exciting than an ordinary bar, there are speed dating events such as a Trabi safari.

Participants have to fill in a short registration at the site and then click on the speed dating link.

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As opposed to classic speed dating, internet speed dating is not limited to a certain number of participants.

"Our system checks who is online and connects people to their next conversation partner on the basis of the user’s input," according to a web blog in which the site’s operators report the latest information about the site.

Thanks to speed dating, singles can avoid such horror dates and get to know a lot of potential partners in a short time.

This type of dating is now making headway on the internet.

It lets participants use a webcam and microphone to facilitate speed dating.

"You see the person you are dealing with live and in colour," the website says. To chat, users must have a camera or at least a headset available.After signing on, the user can get to know five new people per session, spending 10 minutes with each, using video or voice chat.The sessions take place under a certain motto, which participants can use to decide whether he would like to add the conversation partner to his list of friends.According to Scott Valdez, Co-founder and president of the VDA, "Although our service was originally designed for men, countless women have come out of their way five months to make it clear to us that they could "I always thought that professional men would find our service more attractive because they must adopt a proactive approach and hundreds of craft personalized messages for women online, which takes considerable time," says co - The company will guide the female clientele through the process of defining exactly what they want in a partner (age, ethnicity, body type, physical distance, "deal breakers", etc.) and then help them mark property line so that they attract him.assistants are continually cons weeds through incoming emails (sometimes hundreds per week) research but as guardians of the guardians are not always those that are e-mailing, assistants will also filter the database of different dating sites online to find people that meet customer requirements.The date appears in the parties’ address book under "My Contacts" only if both parties want to see each other again. Up to 10 photos can be submitted in addition to a profile photo.

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