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You will then be presented with a list of "Update sites to visit".

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After reading this article you should have enough information to install the m2eclipse plugin and start creating or importing existing Maven projects into your Eclipse workspace.

You will also have an idea of some of the features provided the plugin.

Just a few of the features m2eclipse provides include: Plugin development is currently focused on providing first-class support for the Eclipse Web Tools Platform and Eclipse Aspect J tools as well as adding graphical editors for both the POM and the Maven file.

There are many more features in m2eclipse beyond the list above and this article will survey some of the features which are currently available.

Add a new remote site for each plugin and then make sure that the remote site is selected.

After you click Finish, Eclipse will then ask you to select plugins components to install.

The Eclipse IDE is the most widely used IDE for Java development today.

At the same time, Apache Maven continues to mature, and has grown to be the industry standard for creating extensible and reliable enterprise builds.

Go to Help → Software Updates → Find and Install....

Click New Remote Site..., and add a new update site for m2eclipse.

If you do not have Eclipse installed, we would encourage you to download the IDE and follow along with this article. Installing Prerequisites You can install these prerequisites when you install m2eclipse, just add a new remote update site to Eclipse for each of the prerequisite components.

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