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Fonn Theid mi null gu tir mo rin, Theid mi null thar an aiseig, Theid mi null gu tir mo ruin, Smor mo shunnd a tilleadh dhachaidh.Theid ml null ann thar a chaoil Far a bheil mo dhaoin a fanachd, Gheibh mi faillt bhom mhathair chaoin, Nuair bu mhaoth mi s i rinn maltrum.

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Also known as Gaels, they had trekked slowly across India and Asia Minor and once were so numerous at one location that one area was called "Galatia".

These people slowly but deliberately spread northward over Europe and finally reached the northern shores of what is now France.

The eastern coastline was generally calm, but the windswept western shores featured raised beaches and numerous caves.

Surely Angus must have longed for the green of Ireland as he stood on the foreboding quartzite terrain.

These Dalriadic Scots intermingled with the preexisting peoples known as the Picts, a prehistoric tribe from across the North Sea.

About this time, the Scots and Picts were converted from their primeval religions to Christianity by missionaries from Ireland.

Flesh of deer will hill provide, Fresh-run salmon shall the river, Shy grey-hen and mallard wild To my gun will fall as ever.

Calm delight my heart shall warm Light my step to Lussagiven, Gaelic speech my ear shall charm, Dearest island under Heaven.

This hearty race soon established themselves in northwest Ireland.

In Ireland, these tough Celts were known as "Scots".

Although none of his descendents continued the name "Buidhe", Eochaid is the first person in history known and documented to have used it.

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