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For some families, it is common to send elderly parents into an aged care facility rather than care for their parents themselves.

Due to changes in the economy, particularly through urban industrialisation, women have gained more opportunities for employment and promotions.

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For example, a young couple may live in an extension of the husband's parents' house until they are financially independent.

However, for most families, the unit is the most common household structure.

Once a couple is ready to marry, their families will meet each other and will discuss the union and wedding.

Families who follow Hindu traditions tend to celebrate weddings over several days with various activities and feasts.

In families that adopt a more Western approach, people may begin dating at the age of 16.

Couples are introduced by family or friends or may meet in a shared environment such as work or school.

Group and parental influences are also important factors in determining one’s choices.

Dating or marrying outside of one’s Dating and marriage practices primarily depend on the family preferences and religious background of an individual, varying accordingly.

For those who follow the Catholic tradition, there will be a ceremony at the local church, followed by a reception.

The figure of the total population of each country is drawn from the global estimates listed in the CIA World Factbook , unless otherwise stated.

Among traditional Hindu and Muslim Mauritian families, Western-style dating is rarely practiced.

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