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Like a shag on a rock-something or someone that is noticeable or really stands out like shags on rocks – stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

poor bass player is left like a shag on a rock all the time, while its a virtual love fest between the two guitar players, he must have felt quite lonley at times up there.

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Live a simple life, single person, who thrives on challenge enjoying my own strength, intelligence, and...

There are issues about using touch, and to some extent the other senses, to communicate.

Shag on a rock: - Well I went as quick as I could and your still not ready, ya got me stand around like a shag on a rock Hedidn't want to upset me, so it was easier just to leave me like a shag on a rock at the squash court the next morning.

I jump in the east gate and they are sitting there like a shag on a rock, doing nothing...

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