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Among its imagery, death, dismemberment, torture, and gruesome acts are prevalent.

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Metal shows can get physically aggressive, and occasionally even violent.

If you are stressing out because you've got a whole list of metal bands and you don't know which one to pick because they are all so good, why not try a different band that's not on the list? As long as you like some form of the metal spectrum, it's all good.

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Common interests are often one of the foundations of lasting friendships. You don't need to be a long haired, dim-witted delinquent either.

It would be like listening to one goth band, like Bauhaus, and then saying you're goth.

The complex structures and virtuoso soloing of classical music has been highly influential on metal, dating new as have the breakneck tempos of punk and rock and roll.

Metal is non-conformist by nature, and people who wear the clothes but don't know anything about the music or culture aren't looked upon very highly.

Girls who liked heavy metal music were more reckless in the areas of shoplifting, vandalism, sexual behavior, and drug use, and reported lower self-esteem.

Drug and alcohol use, delinquency, and vandalism among upper middle-class pre- and post-adolescents.

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