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Edin Photo, is a web site that includes a very detailed description of all types of photography processes.

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If you have photos you'd like to submit, and they were taken between the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) and the end of World War One (1918-1919), they want to hear from you.

Here's what to include: The editors state they will credit all photos used and send two copies of the book to each person whose photos are used.

While this is one technique that can be implemented, you never want to solely date a picture by the clothing that people are wearing.

One reason is that people did not purchase clothing as often as we do now.

They ask that you not send images where the information about the date, conflict, regiment or army has to be guessed or is unknown.

DO NOT send originals, as they will not be returned. No names were printed on the back, no familiar faces looked back at her so she did what she felt was her only reasonable option, she threw them away.Now, after I picked myself off the floor, I tried to explain to her that there were ways to identify photos and perhaps in the future opportunities would arise that would help her figure out these long lost family members.Men's clothing styles did not change as often as women's.Some men's hats have been in style for over 100 years.We've all heard terms like Cartes de Visite, Cabinet Cards, and Daguerreotypes.

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