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"The Simpsons Guy", a crossover episode with The Simpsons, aired on September 28, 2014.

The show revolves around the adventures of the Griffin family, consisting of father Peter Griffin, a bumbling and clumsy yet well-intentioned blue-collar worker; Lois, a pretty stay-at-home mother and piano teacher who is a member of the wealthy Pewterschmidt family; Meg, their often-bullied teenage daughter who is also constantly ridiculed or ignored by the family; Chris, their awkward teenage son, who is overweight, unintelligent and, in many respects, is simply a younger version of his father; and Stewie, their diabolical infant son of ambiguous sexual orientation who has adult mannerisms and uses stereotypical archvillain phrases.

At the time, she was really only having sex with people on her level too.

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The family was conceived by Mac Farlane after developing two animated films, The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve.

Mac Farlane redesigned the films' protagonist, Larry, and his dog, Steve, and renamed them Peter and Brian, respectively.

Adult Swim aired that episode in 2003, finishing the series' original run.

However, favorable DVD sales and high ratings for syndicated reruns on Adult Swim convinced the network to renew the show in 2004 for a fourth season, which began airing on May 1, 2005.

These rumors, weren't entirely confirmed, but Chris, wanting to get with her, took the risk and sent her a picture of his own.

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom created by Seth Mac Farlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Mac Farlane pitched a seven-minute pilot to Fox in 1998, and the show was greenlit and began production.

Shortly after the third season of Family Guy had aired in 2002, Fox canceled the series with one episode left unaired.

He explained that Marcy Miller goes to Goldman's Pharmacy on a recurring basis to buy feminine products, and since he was Mort Goldman's son, he had connections and was able to spread the word to the boys at the school.

Marcy wasn't on the popular level, and was really somewhere in the middle.

Since its debut on January 31, 1999, 329 episodes of Family Guy have been broadcast.

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