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My makes it easy for computer novice to layout customized profile pages without knowing html codes.

My has recently become a great place to download songs from local bands, musicians and artists.

In addition to their chat rooms, the Instant Messenger allows one-on-one communications.

Check out music site video, dating site, download site song, hip hop site, club site, friend site There is a phenomenon quietly sweeping across the internet. In the early part of 2000, My purpose was relatively undefined allowing registered users to store and share data files.

After some growing pains the My site was revamped and has evolved into a popular online community.

e Harmony’s response – stick with it for a few months to improve your odds of finding your soul mate. But don’t you worry, there are benefits, e Harmony benefits that is, because every month longer you are on e Harmony, the more they collect out of your pocket in membership fees! Taking a quick minute to see what e Harmony offers a member of the GLBT community, e Harmony’s very Welcome Page tells me a member of the GLBT community is not welcome to their website.

Let us also mention the fact that they discriminate against the GLBT community. One has two choices on the first page of “Man seeking a woman” and “Woman seeking a man.” Curious as to why this is so?

The founder of e Harmony, Neil Clark Warren is a conservative Christian, a former recurring guest on James Dobson’s radio show, a man who used the overweening right-wing group Focus on the Family to help promote e Harmony in its early days — and a man who apparently believes that gays are some kind of different species. Go to Second, create your own avatar, and meet me there so we can enjoy what 18 have been dreaming about for years!

But don’t you worry e Harmony…Today I am not that desperate to join your community! You give me some of your land that you won e Bay auctioning ranging anywhere from 0-0 of your hard earned money for my gift return of a virtual Second Life BJ! Did I mention there is a Membership Plan requirement?

He knew a picture would increase his chances of finding a date for the holidays.

He chose a photo that showed off his best assets - his killer body! Within ten seconds, Paul uploaded his picture to his Myspace profile and started browsing the profiles of really hot girls!

Paul’s a mechanic (Finding a bookish girl that’s into cars seems like a conundrum, doesn’t it? So Paul was going to spend the holidays alone AGAIN until I suggested Myspace.

“You know, there’s a lot of hot girls on Myspace,” I told him, “why don’t you try to hook up with one for the holidays?

Let me give you a brief synopsis of last year’s holiday season. But I’m the first person to admit that he’s really picky.

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