Paris hilton chat rooms

As a preteen and teen on AIM, I regularly frequented the “child-friendly” chat rooms that were filled with middle-aged men.

And was perhaps the beginning of my fear of chain emails…the idea that if you did not share something terrible, something terrible would happen to you. But now, “Share this or die” messages make me laugh with rapturous glee.

In addition to deejaying, a job that reportedly pays her up to $1 million per set, she just opened the Paris Beach Club in Manila and has multiple clothing and accessory lines.

She also has a new single coming out with Birdman, called "High Off My Love." (You can expect the video to be "a mix of Madonna's 'Justify My Love' and ," according to Hilton.) Then, of course, there's her fragrance empire.

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Instead of being afraid to see a chain email, I ignored them.

I can order food online instead of just calling and placing an order to pick up, and I can pay an additional for such a useless service (delivery fee and tip). But the promise of being haunted by a chain email…Well, technology never lived up to that promise.

I shared an experience I had with a tweet from the past friday that went "micro-viral", in the end if had just under 100 interactions.

It basically made my phone battery die and added 40 or so followers to my twitter account.

When she lands, she applies Shu Uemura eye cream and La Prairie moisturizer. "I have to deep condition the next day like all day long or else my hair gets so damaged from the foam." Who knew?

Here's the surprising thing about Paris, at least to me, a person who had never met her and has a definite preconceived notion of her: She's really approachable and disarming.

I had not expected this tweet to pick up, it was accident viral.

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