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And she has also just launched a new range of scented candles for her home décor brand, Be The Light New York.

Her star power is certainly a major plus as she works tirelessly to raise money for the Happy Heart Fund, which needs about 0,000 for each new school.

So she desperately tried to grab on to a palm tree, missing one, but catching a second one.

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At that moment, I felt very light, it felt like all the particles of my body were merging into the water. "And then, as soon as I let go and accepted my fate, I was back above the water and could breathe again.

I will never know how that happened." She felt herself being carried out into the Andaman by the current and knew that would mean certain death.

Nemcova clung to that treetop, trapped by the debris that gathered around her, watching in numbed horror as other holidaymakers and locals were swept away. "And that was the worst thing because I knew that they hadn't been able to hang on any longer," he said.

"They'd gone." Nemcova spent eight hours there, first clinging to the tree and then lying amid the mud and debris when the water finally receded, unable to walk, passing in and out of consciousness under the hot sun, her pelvis shattered in four places, as she would later learn.

And then it hit, a monstrous tidal wave crashing ashore with unimaginable force, smashing the windows, crushing the walls, and sucking the couple out into the choking swirling waters.

Nemcova briefly saw Atlee for what would turn out to be the final time as she desperately tried to cling to the roof of building and gasped for breath, while all around her, the roar of the water was punctuated by screams.The sea swept back out and then rushed ashore in a second colossal wave, dragging Nemcova underwater again."This time, I couldn't get back above the surface to breathe, there was so much debris above me."There was so much pain that day, so many lives lost, but my focus is what we have been able to do since then." "I know it may sound strange, but surviving the tsunami gave me so many gifts," said Nemcova, now 35, who is still modelling – "in my professional old age" – between her roles as a philanthropist and entrepreneur."Before the tsunami, I was always living my life in the future, making plans for what I should be doing.This year, Nemcova is returning to Thailand for a candle-lighting ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the disaster, but it is not the suffering and loss she will be marking.

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