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One night, Wee goes to see Pim's mother who reveals that Pim is actually Ploy.In a flashback, Ploy strangles Pim out of morbid jealousy after Pim demanded they be separated.Several years later, Pim lives in South Korea and is dating Wee.

To save Ploy's life, doctors had to separate Pim's corpse from Ploy's body. It meant that all these years, Ploy was lying to Wee and it was actually Pim's ghost that was haunting her and Wee.

Ploy's mother was fully aware of her actions as well, but kept silent.

Alone stars Thai-German pop singer Marsha Wattanapanich in her first film role in 15 years.

Pim and Ploy are twins both conjoined at the stomach.

After his recovery from an illness, Wee decides that he wants to see Pim one last time and visits the twins' room.

As much as Pim wants to see Wee, Ploy refuses to get out of bed and succumbs to a fit of rage out of jealousy. Angry and in tears, Pim demands that she and Ploy be separated.When she tries to relax in a bathtub, she is suddenly plunged into the water by Ploy's ghost.When the lights go out, she sees a horrifying figure of Ploy.To do so, the twins undergo a surgery, which Ploy does not survive.Pim burdens herself with guilt thinking that if she had not wanted an operation, Ploy would still be alive.48 years old Thailand, Nong Khai, Phon Phisai Search for Male from 47 to 87 6 Photo Last active: 9 hours ago I am simple Sincere like nature like the see Need someone to care who really love Looking for a...

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